Salesforce Email Integration: How Does It Work?

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Managing a business can be an overwhelming task. If juggling customers, employees, teams, and distributors wasn’t enough to keep you busy, juggling the various communication and tasks often creates a jumbled mess. 

It’s time to eliminate the mess of paperwork and messages using Salesforce. 

The Salesforce Advantage

Salesforce is a CRM, or customer relationship management software focused on keeping businesses connected with customers, and the process of getting a product to a customer. Focused on every aspect from analytics, to sales, to production, Salesforce has kept to the leeding edge of business to customer relationships. 

With so many moving parts found within any business, it’s important to have flexibility within a software. Generally this means using multiple softwares, and needing your primary computer to run this software. 

Salesforce is a cloud-based collaboration company focused on bringing you the best of the business world, on nearly any device. This means you can start a task on your work computer, continue working on it at home, and access the information at any point in time from a mobile device. 

Bringing the top aspects for any business allows you to manage workflow, contact accounts, tasks, accounts, business reports, and so much more. 

Focusing on business communication and ease of use, Salesforce has created a profile-based platform meeting the needs of almost any business model. 

User Profiles

The key to Salesforce can be found with user profiles. Each user is given a customized profile allowing them access to the company’s cloud, and access to working within tasks they have permission for. 

These user records will keep track of all actions, allowing for team management and overview with one easy click. 

The permissions to each profile is completely customizable, meaning while a large mass of customer information may be gathered, it may not be necessary for each individual to see everything. You can show each team exactly what they need to see, and nothing more. 

To make operations with customers and vendors simplified, each series of information is linked to a customer profile. These profiles allow you to track interactions and sales with one easy click. 

Polymail with Salesforce

With a complex software such as Salesforce focusing on customer relations, how can you improve the process? 

Focusing on team management and communications, Polymail has created a focus on communications both with your team, and your customers. 

Team Communications

Staying in constant contact with your team can make or break any task. Polymail creates accounts for all of your team members, allowing you to stay organized and always stay connected. 

Information can easily be shared with your team, using the messaging platform. These messages reduce the number of emails in your inbox, and allow you to have real time conversations. To improve productivity, images and documents can be shared instantly.

If you need to re-read a file that you have either shared or had been shared with you, Polymail keeps all communications and documents linked to each profile, creating a simple list that’s easy to search. 

Emails can be converted to links, and shared with your team as well. This reduces the need to paraphrase information to your team -- you just simply show them the original emails instead. 

Vendor Communications

Communicating with vendors and manufacturers can determine if project deadlines and deliverables are met. While Salesforces tracks the physical operation and places you in immediate contact, Polymail allows the ability to track your communications and create ready to send scheduled emails

Tracking shared emails and files with your vendors allow you to move projects forward in a well-organized environment. No more bouncing from email to email searching for a shared link -- just click the vendor’s profile and you can see all shared information. 

Scheduled emails also allow you to work at any point in time, day or night, and allow the email to be received by your vendors during business hours. Many of us receive a mass of emails through the night, and sending a message during this time may cause it to be buried by the time morning hits. Sending messages midday is ideal to grab the attention of the recipient. 

Customer Communication

In many cases, you have one chance to make an impression with a customer. Customers have openly stated what they want out of advertisements and emails, encouraging you as the business to send visually appealing, easy-to-read advertisements. 

8 seconds -- that’s how long you have to grab the consumer’s attention. 

Creating customer emails can be a task, and sending them to hundreds, if not thousands of recipients takes a special kind of software. For Polymail users, this software is known as Sequences, allowing you to set up more than just an email. 

Sequences allow you to send emails on action. Let’s say today you send out an email to your customers telling them about your next big deal, 10% off your entire store. You expect that this will get a couple clicks, so you decide to create a second email giving 15% for those customers that clicked, but failed to make a purchase. That’s where Sequences steps in. 

Customizing your Sequences action allows you to send emails for customers with items in their cart, who have made a sale, or who have simply clicked through your website. 

Email Tracking

Using Polymail, you are able to track the actions taken on any email. This gives you a better understanding if an email was read, if the links had been clicked, or if other actions were taken. 

Understanding the actions taken on your emails can be beneficial within your team, vendors, or customers. Understanding your team will ensure that your messages are being received and read, keeping individuals accountable. Tracking your vendors will give you assurance that your messages were read and your projects are moving forward. 

Tracking customers can give you the best understanding if you're formatting and designing your advertisements correctly. A vital role in marketing research, you can understand if your subjects have grabbed the attention enough that your emails were opened, whether your message was visually appealing enough to keep the customer reading, and if your deals, sales, and advertisements were enticing enough to get your links clicked. 


The more your business grows, the more responsibilities you will find. Polymail has perfected the Calendar, allowing your team to see when you're available, and when you're you have a bit too much going on to “hop on a quick call.”

While your business operates through communication, you want to avoid utilizing just your emails as a to-do list. Using the Calendar feature will allow you to set deadlines, reminders, and keep track of workflow. 

Double bookings can become a major issue, especially when managing a team or taking charge on a project that is time sensitive. Eliminate the possibility of double booking or overlooking a meeting with Calendar, as it removes time slots from being available that are already taken by other tasks. 

Working With Salesforce

Salesforce has taken the business management world by storm, allowing users to run their business, marketing, customer tracking, analytics and more from anywhere in the world. With the growth of remote employment and international companies, you can never be too sure where work may take you. 

Communication is key to staying organized and pushing forward into success. Allowing Polymail to take control of your email interactions will save your company time, money, and added stress as you push your way into success. 


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