Subject Lines That Will Get Your Networking Emails Opened and Best Practices

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When it comes to networking, email is a great medium for building relationships and expanding your personal brand. How do you make sure your emails are opened? Many people make the mistake of crafting the perfect email but neglecting the subject line. The importance of the subject line should not be underestimated. If your email is never opened, then the effort that went into creating that perfect message would have been wasted. 

The subject line sells your email just as a headline sells a story. Almost 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone while approximately 69% of email recipients mark an email as spam depending on the subject line. If you want to keep your emails out of the spam folder, it’s necessary to perfect the networking subject line. 

The networking email subject lines in this post will be applicable in a variety of situations including:

  • Pitching a guest post
  • Asking for advice from an industry expert
  • Building relationships before a pitch
  • Exploring a new partnership
  • As a precedent to your resume

Why Are Networking Email Subject Lines Important?

It seems like the importance of email subject lines are constantly talked about but the why is never answered. Many email recipients decide whether or not to open an email or mark as spam based on the subject line alone. The subject line truly plays a huge role in the success of your email. It can be the difference between securing an invaluable connection and getting blocked by an important person. When writing to a complete stranger, it’s important that your subject line is intriguing and unique. Personalized subject lines are much more likely to be opened when compared to a generic subject line. 

The intricacies of creating an effective networking email subject line are endless, so it comes as no surprise that email marketers and salespeople spend hours cultivating email subject lines. If you don’t have the capital to hire a dedicated marketing team to write for you – we’ve compiled a list of networking email subject lines that are ready to use. 

Networking Subject Lines to Try

Follow-Up Email Subject Lines

Did you know that most people give up after the first email with no response? Chances are that your recipient is busy, and they may not have had a chance to look through your initial email, so dropping your prospect at this point may be premature. This is why putting emphasis on the follow-up is so important. Make sure to gently nudge them into responding by using an equally captivating subject line as in your first email. 

  • Hey (Recipients Name), this is (Your Name) – Although this is fairly simple it is highly effective. This subject line reminds the recipient of who you are and by using both of your names you create a connection. By leaving the subject line so vague the recipient is bound to open the message out of curiosity. 
  • I Really Enjoyed Our Talk/Meeting the Other Day. Just Following Up From (Place) – Sending a follow-up email after a phone call, meetup or networking event is very important. It reminds the recipient of your conversation and your subject line should emphasize that. Make sure your email mentions how much you enjoyed the conversation and give them idea of who they’re speaking to by including the event or place you met. 
  • I Enjoyed Meeting at (Place)
  • Hey there, (Recipient’s Name) 
  • I hope You Enjoyed the (Event)

Introductory Email Subject Lines

One of the first things you do when you meet someone is shake their hand. Why not follow the same steps virtually? An introductory email is basically your handshake, so want to make sure it’s a firm one. There is no personal interaction through email, but you can mimic that feeling by using a personalized introduction. 

An introductory email does more than just communicate your name and information. It helps the recipient get to know you better and set the tone for future communications. Since this could be the beginning of an important relation, it’s essential to send a captivating email and it all starts with the subject line. 

  • Loved Your Recent Article in (Publication) – Many introductory emails can come across inauthentic. Certain phrases that were common as subject lines have now been deemed spam. Creating a subject line that addresses a common interest will help to drive engagement and catch the reader’s attention. A subject line that is unique is the perfect way to come across as genuine and get a response from your recipient. 
  • Looking for Expert Advice on (Topic) – Most people love to be flattered. Being considered an industry expert on a topic is something that your contact will love. They’ll be more than happy to give advice as it is empowering and further builds their confidence. Asking for something, if done correctly will pique the recipient’s interest and create a sense of urgency. This will increase the likelihood of getting a response. This subject works perfectly for any industry and is a great way to get a conversation going. Make sure that you actually have an insightful question to ask and you’re not just using this subject line lure in the recipient as this may leave your message in the spam folder. 
  • Fellow (Shared Interest/Title) Looking to Connect – This subject line works because is establishes a connection with the recipient which will help the discussion flow more easily. The personalization of the subject line will grab the reader’s attention. Make sure you only use readily available public information to connect with your contact. Getting too personal may put the recipient off. 
  • I Love the (Idea/Thought/Opinion) you shared – The recipient is more likely to respond to someone who shares similar ideas and agrees with them. This subject line will give your recipient a boost of confidence especially if they are a newer business and help to forge a relationship. 
  • Would Love to Learn More About Your Article on (Topic)
  • Just Saw the Interview You Had with (Name)

Best Practices for Creating a Captivating Email Subject Line

There are a few general rules you should stick to when creating a networking email subject line. Implementing these guidelines into your process will help you get more responses quickly. 

Keep it Short

The Ideal length for a subject line is only three to four words with about 17 to 40 characters. Since the goal of your email is to grab the attention of the recipient and get a response, keep it specific and simple. The subject may be cut off if too long and longer subject lines can trigger spam filters. Keep your recipient engaged by stating your purpose in a concise manner. 

Personalize it 

Personalizing your emails is guaranteed to get you noticed. When recipients see their name in an email, they are much more likely to open it and read the email. Mentioning their name or their company’s name shows that you made this email specifically for them. This makes the recipient feel a little bit more connected to you. 

Time it

You can spend copious amounts of time crafting the perfect email, but if it’s not timed right then the recipient may not see it in the first place. It’s best to send emails during working hours (9am -5pm). This ensures that your email will be near the top of their inbox. Try not to send emails if a holiday is coming up or it’s the end of the work week. They are much less likely to respond during these times. 

Check the Quality

The subject line determines whether or not the recipient will open your email, so it’s important to make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. The writing for the subject line should be perfect. 

How Polymail Can Help Your Networking Email Campaigns

Polymail is a tool designed to help you and your business increase productivity. Send and track emails easily with our analytics and tracking capabilities. Get detailed insights into how and when people read your emails, get automatic reminders to follow up and schedule emails to automatically send. 


Polymail produces detailed analytics reports that can help you keep track of your team’s progress. You’ll have access to:

  • Click-through rates
  • Email open rates
  • Unsuccessful email open rates
  • Responses
  • Bounced emails


Not everyone will respond to your initial email and you may forget to respond after time passes. Polymail can help by sending reminders for you to follow-up on certain emails. Not only that, if you’re tired of crafting email after email let Polymail help you increase open rates by scheduling your emails to automatically send. 

Start the Conversation

When it comes to creating the perfect networking email – it isn’t too complicated. With just a little personalization and a captivating subject line you’ll be able to grab the attention of any contact. With these guidelines and Polymail’s automation tools, you can build new relationships instead of ending up in spam. 

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