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Time management is an essential part of successful communication. In a world of ever-expanding networks, a professional email inbox can have hundreds if not thousands of relevant contacts. If you have to send out important information in a timely manner to so many different people in the course of a day, it is likely that something can slip through the cracks.

We at Polymail believe in staying ahead of schedule. Setting up send dates and times for emails is becoming a very popular convenience. If you prepare content-rich emails ahead of time, you can more easily ensure its delivery on-time with Polymail’s scheduling.

Send Later Using Polymail

You can mark an outgoing email to be sent at a specific date at time using Polymail’s “send later” function.

When you are finished composing a draft, it is very easy to set up a time for it to be sent.

  • In the bottom of the email compose bar, there is a gray send later option just to the left of the blue “send” option. Click it.
  • If you’re using the iOS app, a dropdown menu will appear with several suggested times. These include “Later Today,” “This Evening,” “Tomorrow Morning,” “Tomorrow Evening,” “This Weekend,” “Next Week,” and “In a Month.” The suggestions are based on the time of your most recent update to the draft. 
  • If you’re using the Polymail Web App or Polymail Mac App, a similar dropdown menu appears with even more flexibility. Semantic data entry allows for specific times like “in two weeks at 2 p.m.” or “next Wednesday at 10 a.m.” Simply type in the desired time in the bar at the top of the dropdown menu or modify the options included. Once you’ve set the time, Polymail will take care of the rest!

If all of a sudden the information you scheduled to be sent has changed or become irrelevant, do not worry! Scheduled emails can be cancelled anytime. Just remove the send later mark before the scheduled time, and your email will not be sent. 

Another instance that can cause confusion is when a client, colleague, or other important person contacts you with a response before the scheduled time occurs. There is an option you can select called “cancel if replied” that will stop your email from sending if you receive a reply before that time. Polymail’s in-depth customization and expansive automation makes your job significantly easier.

Why Schedule Emails Ahead Of Time?

Develop Consistency

Maintaining a schedule is rather important in maximizing productivity. If your work depends on the other members of a team, you will need them to get your emails and respond in a timely manner. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to develop consistency in communication. It’s difficult to keep the same level of attentiveness to your inbox at all periods of the day. If you’re expecting important information at the same time, you’ll be ready and able to respond accordingly. Communicating frequently and at the same times is conducive to productivity. This practice will save everyone involved time and improve rapport within a team or partnership. 

Avoid Time-Zone Issues

There are many reasons people work from different time-zones. People may not wish to move far away for a job and can work remotely from their current home. Others have to travel for important meetings or enjoy exploring other countries and can’t fall behind on work. Study-abroad students or professors conducting research on a sabbatical need to be able to communicate with their colleagues properly. The COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home a reality for many more people than before, introducing a very new problem. Time-zone differences can lead to emails being sent past a deadline or at inappropriate times of the day. 

Scheduling emails ahead of time is a great opportunity to rectify any differences in time-zone. Polymail can help you schedule emails based on your recipient’s time zone, ensuring timely communication. For students, this is a great way to avoid missing a submission deadline. You may have completed your work punctually, but submitted at the wrong time. Scheduling emails eliminate the possibility of this accident from occurring.

Remain Courteous

Both speed and accuracy peak in the late morning, right before the period of time when most people take a break for lunch. Scheduling emails for optimal times of the day are a subtle way to be courteous to your co-workers, clients, management, and anyone else you need to communicate with. Sometimes you may work later than someone else and have something to share with them. Many people wish to enter a state of relaxation separated from work when they wrap up for the day, so an email with information that isn’t pressing can be irritating. Scheduling that message for the next time they will be working is a simple kindness and a way to ensure the message gets read.

Additional pressure can be put on your colleagues by sending them emails at the very start of the day. If the message is not urgent, sending your emails at least 20 minutes after the recipient’s start time allows them to prepare for the day and devote the right amount of attention to your email.

Work On Your Own Time

Everybody is productive at different times of the day, as mentioned earlier. Some people may find more success working at odd hours of the day or night. Sending emails at 4 a.m. can be off putting, even if that is an optimal time for you to get work done. Polymail’s send later function allows you to compose emails whenever you want. It’s a great way to catch up on work and write while you are motivated and inspired. You can also alleviate your workload by writing emails in advance, freeing up your day for side-projects or faster completion on projects.


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Polymail allows you to stay on top of the most important conversations with advanced features like the send-later function. The team at Polymail is committed to boosting your productivity, improving your organization, and maximizing the efficiency of your communication. 

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New features have been recently added to speed you up even more, like the Command Center that allows you to perform every task in your mailbox without lifting your hands off the keyboard. Polymail’s deeper attention to detail gives you valuable information on your contacts in moments.

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