Email Cleanup: Where To Start

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As a society linked to the internet through phones, computers, and store accounts, an email has become an essential piece of your online presence. With an email address being so important as a user, why have so many accounts become overwhelmed by a pile of unread emails?

For some people, disorganization has become a burden they feel is too difficult to overcome, for others the flood of junk mail and promotions has continued to pile up over time and now seems like an impossible task to comb through. 

Why have email accounts become such a hassle? 

Getting Rid of the Waste

Many users have begun noticing that the mass of emails they receive are generally not needed or even wanted. Recent surveys even stated up to 52% of users feel spam emails are a major issue, and that it’s time to take control of the inbox.

These emails not only play the annoying role of being in your way as you attempt to determine if a message is important or not, but they also run a heightened risk of containing risky links or viruses. Consider the cleaning up of spam an important aspect of privacy protection on top of just making your inbox a lot cleaner. 

Mark Unwanted Mail As “Spam”

Spam emails are those unwanted emails that you just can’t seem to get rid of. Many sites have made it so you must input your email address to view content or to receive some sort of discount. While the discounts sound appealing at first, the daily email telling you how you're missing some great product you don’t want or need becomes overwhelming. 

Utilizing the command center option (Cmd/Ctrl + J) select these senders and send them to the spam folder. Just simply begin typing “spam” into the search bar until you get the prompt to send these messages into your spam folder. This will flag the sender as unwanted and continue to remove them from your inbox.


While we ultimately agree to receive spam, companies must follow laws in place by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. One of these laws states that companies must provide the option to unsubscribe from these email subscriptions in an easy to find location.

While it may become insanely time consuming to click through each individual email to hit the “unsubscribe” link often found toward the bottom, Polymail has created the Unsubscriber, an easy to use software linked to your email designed to find your subscriptions, and help you to unsubscribe in one easy click. 

In minutes, you can filter through which emails you would like to stop receiving in the future. 

Not only is this like clicking the “unsubscribe” button at the end of each email, but the Unsubscriber by Polymail blocks the sender's ability to send you further messages, ensuring the subscriptions really stop with just one click. 

Organized Delete

While you probably shouldn’t simply hit “delete all” on your inbox, organizing your emails allows the potential to create folders of unwanted junk. 

Imagine this -- a website you simply don’t care for has sent you promotions over the last 2 years, and while you have hit unsubscribe, the 400 emails they have sent still clutter your inbox. 

Simply move this entire sender to the trash instead of worrying about moving individual messages into your deleted items folder. This bulk move will be a helpful cleanup tool for large masses of emails, allowing you access to the messages that matter most. 

Get Organized

For many users, the idea of simply hitting “mark all as read” in their email inbox or even deleting everything into the trash bin seems terrifying. What if you were to miss something important, or delete something you needed?

With the average online work account receiving upwards of 200 emails per day, the average employee is expected to spend 25 to 28 percent of their work day simply reading and sending emails. 

This means time that could be spent productively will instead be spent reading messages you can only hope are important to your workflow. The first step to taking control is through organization, allowing you to be sure those emails are important. 

Detailed Contacts 

The first step to becoming organized is knowing who the emails are coming from. This allows you to better understand the email’s importance. 

With the Polymail email client, each email is accommodated by a full profile image showing the user’s name, business, position, and other forms of contact. More importantly, these contact profiles allow you to see all previous conversations in an easy to read email list, files which have been shared, and a series of notes added to the contact, making previous information easy to find -- no more clicking through emails and skimming subject lines to find that one specific link that was shared weeks ago!

These detailed and organized contacts work great for those receiving promotional emails as well, keeping your business to business or private promotions in easy to search contact profiles.  

Activity Feed 

An activity feed in your emails?

With Polymail’s activity feed showing real time activities along the side of your email screen, you have the ability to quickly click back into your recent activities for easy navigation. 

Imagine you utilize your Advanced Search option to find an important email, and as you click away you remember -- oops, you forgot to download the file. Instead of starting your search over from scratch, simply click the email in your activity feed to take you right back to where you left off. 

Create Folders For Your Promotions

While most spam mail is unwanted, sometimes you want to keep those emails with the coupons for your favorite store. Even though you’d like to keep these emails, they seem to be in your way and clutter your inbox except for the exact moment you want to use the coupon. 

Custom folders can be created, and items moved into these folders utilizing the command center (Cmd/Ctrl + J), allowing you to keep the emails out of sight. You will still continue to receive emails from the sender, but they will remain in their folder and not appear in your general inbox. 

Organize Your Team Emails

Within many companies, team efforts via email threads have reduced the need for lengthy meetings, allowing tasks to be accomplished and revised throughout the day while keeping everyone in the loop. The downfall with these team conversations is the mass number of emails sent, and the inability to know if the email at hand needs your attention or not. 

Polymail has created an easy to use, easy to organize email service messaging software to keep your team working quickly, simply, and well-organized. These emails work similar to messaging, where you can send real time updates and even tag or ping teammates to send them a notification. This ensures when something is intended for your attention, it notifies you directly. 

Have an email from a client that your team needs to see? Simply share the email or file within your group messages, keeping the communications organized and in one place to reduce confusion and save time. 


While clearing up and taking control of your email may sound like a large task, companies such as Polymail have created easy to use software to not only push you in the right direction, but to take control and get the tasks done. 

From organizing your life, to clearing out the unwanted, email cleanup creates a clear space to help with productivity, and help reduce that unwanted stress of trying to find that old email with a particularly important attachment in it. 

Great for businesses, students, private users, and nonprofits, you can take control of your inbox with Polymail.


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