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Brandon Foo

Note: We've updated our Polymail for Education pricing, which can be found here.

We’re proud to announce that we’re launching Polymail for Education to make Polymail Pro easily accessible to students and members of student organizations! It turns out that many of you have been using Polymail to better communicate with your professors, TAs, or group project members. We know that the cost of tuition and textbooks can quickly add up, so we’re excited to help make it easier for students who want to use Polymail Pro for their work in school or student organization (hello student hackathons!).

Polymail for Education is available to students actively enrolled in:

Nonprofit educational institutionsFormally accredited primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions

If you’re a student at an eligible organization, you can learn more and apply for Polymail for Education here. We’ll review your application and respond as quickly as we can.

Thank you to everyone who requested and supported Polymail for Education — we truly believe in the impact that students and student orgs have on the future, and that they deserve the best tools and resources available. With Polymail for Education, we’re excited to help bring students the best in communication and productivity software, and hope to help many of you along the path to achieve your dreams!?


Brandon and the Polymail Team

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