Polymail Windows Email Software is Now Available!

Brandon Shin

Our goal at Polymail is to help professionals and teams communicate effortlessly, and we’ve had the incredible opportunity to help tens of thousands of people to improve the way they work every day.

We're excited to announce that same experience is available as a desktop app to Windows user. The Windows Desktop App brings all the same benefits as the Mac app, and has loads of features.

Here’s a highlight of all the major updates, new features, and improvements in the new Polymail Windows app:

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is available for Windows Users, and you can change the interface theme to fit what you want by going to Settings > Interface Theme

Command Center

Quickly perform actions in Polymail without using your mouse! Use CTRL+J on Windows (⌘J on Mac) to pop up the Command Center, then type the action an action like “Read Later” or “Follow Up”.

With the Command Center, you can also use natural language to more easily schedule custom Read Later, Send Later, or Follow Up times. For example, try entering “thursday at 3pm” or “2 weeks from now” when scheduling a Read Later or Follow Up Reminder.

You learn more about using Command Center in this article.

Message Templates

Using a template in Polymail

Save time writing emails by using pre-filled templates of common messages! Tab through placeholders to easily personalize your templates to your recipient and cut down 90% of the time it takes to write your email! Create as many templates as you want and easily save any drafts you're working on as a template to use in the future by using Save as Template!


Sequences help you connect with more prospects, clients, or customers by sending a series of automated outreach and follow-up emails.

With Sequences, you can create a series of personalized emails that send to multiple recipients automatically. If a recipient doesn’t respond to the first message, they’ll automatically be sent the next message in the Sequence, and so forth. Detailed reporting and analytics provide insight into when and how recipients open, click, and reply to your outreach emails.

You can learn more about Sequences here.

Calendar Scheduling

Polymail Calendar helps you schedule meetings instantly with your own personal calendar page. By sending your calendar page to recipients, they can see when you’re available and book a meeting with you in one click!Polymail Calendar syncs in real-time with your Google and/or Microsoft calendars to know when you’re available so you’ll never have to worry about double bookings! We've also given the option to make sure you have ample buffer times between meetings so you can have some time to breathe before your next meeting!

Per-message Tracking History

Get more context when viewing conversations - you can now view the message tracking history on older individual messages in a conversation!

Unified and Per-account Mailboxes

If you have multiple email accounts connected to Polymail, you can choose between seeing all your emails under All Accounts or filter all mailboxes in the left sidebar by a specific account. For example, you can do this to view the Archive or Trash of only one of your accounts.

Contact Profiles

Contact profiles, found in the right side bar, will display your Contact's information, any previous conversations or files you shared with them, and company information if available!

Offline Support

Your email client should be able to work whenever you want it to. Manage your mailbox, compose messages, add attachments, and send messages! We'll make sure that everything is done for you as soon as you arrive back online. Now you don't have to wait for your email to catch up to you. We'll handle everything on your end!

Block Senders

Wonder how somebody got a hold of your email address and don't want to receive emails from a person anymore? Block a sender easily by using our Block Sender feature! Any messages received from that sender will be prevented from entering into your inbox! We'll send you a digest of all the emails that were blocked so you don't ever miss anything important!

Navigation Center

We've brought an all-new Navigation Center to both apps. Zip around anywhere in the app just by tapping "G" and choose where you want to go!

Advanced Search

Polymail’s new and improved Advanced Search helps you find what you need in snap. You can now use advanced search parameters to filter conversations based on certain conditions. For example, use “from: shin@polymail.io” to find all messages from a specific contact, or “is: unopened” to find messages that haven’t been opened by their recipient.

You can even combine multiple search parameters with regular keywords to drill down and find the exact messages you’re looking for!

You can learn more about using Advanced Search in this article.

Updated Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve made a few updates to Polymail’s keyboard shortcuts. You can read more about the new keyboard shortcuts in this article. You can also view the keyboard shortcut guide while using Polymail by pressing CTRL / on Windows ( ⌘/ on Mac).

Improved Speed & Performance

We’ve made dozens of updates across the app to improve Polymail’s overall user experience, syncing speed and performance. There’s too many to count here, but trust us - you’ll notice the difference!

The new Polymail Windows app is available today, and can be downloaded here. We’d like to thank everyone who helped us get here, especially our beta testers and users whose feedback continues to help us make Polymail better every day.

We’d love for you to try the new Polymail and let us know what you think. If you have questions, feel free to check out our Help Center or reach us at team@polymail.io.

Thanks again, and looking forward to your thoughts!


The Polymail Team 💌

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