New in Polymail: Salesforce import and more!

Brandon Foo

Outbound email campaigns can be one of the most effective ways to connect with new customers, but the process of managing your campaign, email templates, and prospect lists can often be tedious and frustrating. 

Earlier this month, we launched Sequences to make it easy for anyone to send effective multi-stage outreach campaigns. With the latest feature updates in Polymail, it's now even easier to create sequences and send them directly to your leads or contacts in Salesforce.

Import Sequence recipients from Salesforce

When adding new recipients to a sequence, you now have the option to import a list of leads or contacts directly from Salesforce. When importing recipients from Salesforce, you can also choose which fields you'd like imported as variables, so you can include any prospect information from Salesforce (e.g. title, company) in your messages.

Edit Sequences recipients

Whether you're adding new recipients from Salesforce or a .csv file, you can now review and edit each recipient before they enter the sequence. This helps ensure all your recipients are formatted nicely, and save you time from having to go back into Salesforce or your .csv if you need to make changes.

Message Templates in Sequences

When adding stages to your sequence, you can now access and use your Polymail message templates. This makes it easy to share and reuse templates so that anyone on your team to quickly create effective sequences in minutes.

Salesforce Custom Fields

Polymail's Salesforce sidebar now displays all fields that belong to your leads, contacts, and accounts - even if they're custom to your Salesforce configuration. To update any of these fields, simply click and edit it in the sidebar. Fewer steps to find and update information about your prospects means more time saved.

Learn more and stay updated about Polymail

Sequences are available to users on Polymail Teams and Enterprise, and Salesforce Integration is available to users on Polymail Enteprrise. If you're interested in learning more Polymail or want to see these features in action, you can sign up for a free trial or contact us to schedule a demo.

We launch new features and updates often - monthly, and sometimes even weekly. If you want to stay in the loop, subscribe to our blog below!

💌 Brandon Foo, CEO of Polymail

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