Introducing the (interactive) Polymail Product Roadmap!

Brandon Foo

Since Polymail’s early days in private Alpha, we’ve always wanted to bring our product development process as close as possible to our users. We started a Slack team where we’d invite users to share their thoughts and suggestions about Polymail — to our pleasant surprise, it grew into an amazing, interactive community where we got to know many of our users and gain valuable insight into how we could build Polymail into the email solution they needed.

It’s thanks to our fantastic user community that we’ve been able to build Polymail into the product it is today, and we’re incredibly grateful for all the amazing input our users have contributed to our development process. As we’ve grown, however, it’s become increasingly challenging to scale some of our existing methods of collecting feedback. Now, we’re trying something new. ?

This week, we’ve decided to publicly open our Product Roadmap. Here, anyone can view the major features we’re currently working on, ones we expect to work on soon, and new ideas that we’re considering for the future. You can also vote on which features you like, so we can focus on the features you want the most.

You can vote on features on our Product Roadmap by clicking under “Votes” while viewing a card.

If you’d like to suggest a new idea, you can email it to us here. If we receive enough suggestions for a particular idea, we’ll add it to the Roadmap where others can vote on it, too!

️ ? View the Polymail Product Roadmap

Thanks again to everyone who’s provided feedback, submitted feature requests, reported bugs, or otherwise contributed their thoughts to Polymail’s development. We’re excited to share our Roadmap with you all this week, and look forward to having you all with us as we continue building the future of Polymail!


Brandon and the Polymail Team ?

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