Introducing Polymail Teams

Brandon Foo

Since starting Polymail nearly 2 years ago, we’ve been working to improve how people work, communicate, and collaborate with email. Thousands of amazing people and businesses now use Polymail every day — from entrepreneurs and students to agencies and Fortune 500s — and we’re thankful for the privilege of helping them be more successful at work.

Millions of businesses rely on email every day — it’s how we build relationships with our partners, reach new customers, and work with our clients. However, unlike other business software, email hasn’t changed much to make it easier to work together with your team. Our vision is to change that by building a modern communication platform to empower teams to work seamlessly together and with the tools they need to be more productive.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Polymail Teams, our newest product to help improve your team’s outreach and collaboration over email.

Polymail Teams

Polymail Teams brings the simple, user-focused experience of Polymail to teams in sales, business development, marketing, or outreach of any kind. We crafted it with the power and flexibility to increase your team’s output while providing the transparency for your team to gain insight into their activity and performance.

Here’s a highlight of the new features which make this possible:

Unlimited Campaigns for teams

Polymail Teams comes with unlimited Campaigns, which allow your team to send send personalized messages to multiple recipients at scale and track their performance in terms of open, click, download, and reply rate.

This makes it easy for your team to expand and coordinate outreach while bringing together Campaign stats for your team to measure and optimize performance together.

Shared message templates

With Polymail for Teams, you can create and share message templates that anyone on your team can edit and use. This allows your team to work together seamlessly when conducting outreach or responding to inbound messages, saving time and establishing consistent messaging across your entire team.

Team analytics

Polymail Teams allows you to view stats on your team’s total outreach and open, click, download and reply rates. You can also drill down on specific team members to identify your top performers or who may need more coaching. This allows data-driven teams to easily spot trends and derive actionable insight to help shape their strategy.

This is just the beginning of our work towards bringing modern communication and beautiful design to team email collaboration. We have many more exciting updates on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with you soon.

You can try Polymail Teams today for free — just head over to our website to get started. If you have a larger team and would like to see a demo of how Polymail Teams works first, I’d love to show you — email me at

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