Is It Impossible To Unsend An Email?

Team Polymail

Emails have remained the go-to method for communications both within a business, and toward the outside world. With the advancements of technology, why has email lasted tried and true as the best option?

Email allows us to not only communicate in a professional manner, but it also enables the potential for advertising and tracking previous communication, but only when used to its full potential. 

Who Are You Talking To?

Who you’re talking to via email really becomes the self-explanatory reason why proper communication, business voice, and mistakes need to be avoided. 

Obviously, we are all human, and mistakes happen. Having the option of unsending emails with Polymail will allow you to protect your business’s professional appearance. 


For many businesses, email is a great platform to communicate with customers both privately, or in an advertising fashion. A great platform for sharing not only words, but also images and links to a variety of other resources allows email to remain the best source for customer relations. 

In many instances, these emails are the only representation customers have of your business, meaning this is your time to look and sound like a top-notch company. Sending an email riddled with mistakes can have a drastic effect on your business, especially when it creates confusion.

Consider you have just created an advertisement to send to your email subscribers, with the hopes to promote your “15% off for the holiday” special, and as you hit send, you see that you accidently typed 75% off. 

Now you have a choice, do you have a large network of unhappy customers who feel lied to? Or do you send out another email with the correction and hope they don’t get excited about the first one? 

Let’s be serious -- if you had a coupon for 75% off your favorite store, you’d fight for that discount. 

If only there was a way you could unsend that email.


Communicating with vendors through email allows you to send the message when you have time, and your vendor to read and denote the message when they have time, while keeping a written record of all correspondence that either of you could return to for checking details about orders or projects. This is also the fastest manner of sending documents, images, or links that could push a project forward.

Allowing poorly-worded messages to go out may cause vendors to question the legitimacy of who they're working with, leaving you wishing you could unsend the emails.


Sending messages within a company is standard. It allows you to ensure everyone is able to receive information when it can be best understood and utilized. It also leaves you without a doubt that you informed someone, no more he-said she-said when someone claims they didn’t know. 

When dealing with individuals within your own company, it’s important to write intelligently and give accurate information. This can become an issue when your mind is on another project, which happens from time to time in a busy workday. 

Sending a questionable email can look as if you have been slacking on a project, or not paying attention to project updates. This could be embarrassing and leave you trying to unsend a wordy mistake. 

Unsending An Email

Being a human is tough, and it’s true that we all make mistakes from time to time. Even the best writers fumble over their own words or say something silly every once in a while. Unfortunately with standard email, we can’t simply erase our mistakes. 

Great news -- Polymail is more than just some standard email.

When writing an email, simply click the Send option when you're finished, and Polymail will start to send the message. You could at that point leave and have nothing to worry about and the email would be delivered as always. 

But, technically speaking, your message won’t send for another 30 seconds giving you a chance to realize your “oh no” and hit Undo at the bottom. 

Once you have clicked send, a message stating Your message to _____ has been sent and just to the right ,you can find the blue Undo button. Once you have clicked Undo, the message will return to your drafts where it can be edited or deleted. 

Of course, some messages are urgent and need to be sent right away. You may find yourself on a phone call or in a meeting just waiting for the other individual to get the email, but of course, we’ve got that covered as well. 

Once a message has been sent, you can scroll your pointer over the send confirmation and a box will appear saying Send Now. This will skip the 30-second undo time, and instantly send the message. 

How To Improve Your Emails

Of course, step one to knowing your emails are ready to go the first time you hit send is the key. The undo button is only as good as you catching the mistake, so keeping these tips in mind will allow you to improve your overall online communications. 

Read What You Wrote

The information in your email is clearly worth your time to write it, and someone else’s time to read it. Take an extra minute or two to read through your own email and ensure each sentence sounds correct. Our thoughts don’t exactly flow the same as a sentence, and you may find yourself questioning your own wording. This will also allow you to double check all of the details.

Check All Files

Emails are an excellent way to send files and images. It also becomes a terrible way to send the wrong files or images. Be sure to click the attached links and ensure they are correct.

This becomes more important when creating advertisements being sent to customers -- adding multiple images or links to discount codes is important, but adding the wrong links or codes that don’t work can cause issues with consumer to business relationships. 

Check the Subject

Checking the subject can mean two very different things, and you should check both of them. 

First, check the subject line to ensure it’s something relevant and worth getting someone’s attention. This is one of the top common email mistakes, and extremely important. 

Now check the subject of the email writing itself. You want your emails to be precise and to the point, while also being organized to build off itself. Be sure you don’t talk about unrelated subjects irrelevant to the rest of the email.

Use Templates

When constantly communicating through email, a lot of messages begin feeling repetitive. Templates allow you to create a pre-written message which can easily be adjusted or filled for the given situation. These messages ensure you’re writing less, using written text that you may have read over previously to reduce flaws or the need to undo. 

Not only does this save you time, but these templates can be shared throughout the company to ensure that every message sounds exactly the same, every time. No more worrying about the change in company voice between employees. 

This is especially important when considering emails sent to customers, since you want each email to utilize the brand voice, while also ensuring all the needed information is given. 

Utilize Your Services

Emails have remained the best sources for communications for businesses around the globe, and with the growth of remote employment and online potential, it’s here to stay. 

It’s time to open the potential of communications with Polymail, allowing you to message the world in an organized, easy to use software designed for the user.

We all make mistakes -- it’s part of communicating. Feel confident knowing you can simply unsend those mistakes so your voice is heard without flaw. 


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