How to Unsend an Email

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After composing that all-important business email, almost everyone has encountered that terrifying feeling after hitting send and noticing a big mistake in their email. You might have misspelled your recipient's name, put incorrect information, or failed to attach the right file. At these points you might wonder if there's a way to recall an email from landing in your recipient's inbox. We've added a list of resources to help you never send out an email with mistakes ever again!

How to Unsend an Email Using Polymail

Undo send functionality is baked directly into Polymail so you can rest assured about sending out an email with no mistakes! You'll have a buffer window of 30 seconds. If you notice a mistake you'll always have the option to bring that email back and correct any mistakes before sending it out again!

How to Unsend an Email

Right after you send a message you'll see a confirmation that your email is sending, and you'll see an option to Undo! Click that, and you'll have the option to bring that email back

Unsend a message in Polymail

How to Immediately Send an Email

Sometimes you might need to send something urgently, like when you're in a meeting, or sending information in the middle of a conversation! Polymail also has the ability to ignore the undo window and send an email immediately so you can always make sure that messages are sent speedily when you want them to!

How to Unsend an Email in Gmail

Gmail recently added the ability to unsend an email. Here are the steps to create an undo window for your Gmail account

  1. Go into Settings > General
  2. Find Undo Send:
  3. Select your cancellation period
How to Unsend an Email in Gmail

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