Polymail Updates: Comments, Mentions, and Slack Integration!

Brandon Foo

Our mission has always been to improve how businesses communicate with one another. Along the way, we learned that simply making a better email app wasn't enough to address the complex needs and workflows of modern organizations. Today, businesses use email alongside dozens of other apps and tools, wherein collaboration has become crucial to how teams communicate with customers, clients, prospects, and partners.

Today, we're excited to announce several major updates that make it easier for teams to work together with email - not only by bringing team collaboration seamlessly to your inbox, but also by bringing email out of its silo and connecting it with your team's tools. Here's how:

Comments & Mentions

With Comments & Mentions, you can now have internal team discussions within email conversations. Quickly get team input and discuss next steps in context - all while cutting down on email clutter from forwards and CC's. Simply tag a teammate (@mention) in a comment to share the conversation with them. It'll appear in their 'Mentions' tab in the left sidebar, and they'll be able to respond with their own comments.

Slack Integration 

You can now share email conversations directly from Polymail into Slack! This is especially useful if you want to get input from a particular Slack channel, or if you want to collaborate with teammates who might not be using Polymail. Click the 'Share' button in the top right of Polymail to connect your Slack account to Polymail. You can then choose which channel or DM you want to share to, and even include an optional message.

Polymail teams, now for everyone

To help make it even easier to use Polymail with your team, we've made another major update to our plans: you can now invite team members on any paid plan! To help reflect this, we've also renamed our plans - our Pro plan is now called Basic, and our Teams plan is now called Premium. We hope this makes Polymail more accessible to everyone who wants to make their team more efficient with email - from small businesses to large organizations.

We're extremely excited by what teams can achieve with an email platform that helps them communicate and collaborate freely, and we're equally excited to hear your feedback. If you're a Polymail user, these updates are available now on Polymail for macOS and web (and coming soon to iOS). If you're new to Polymail, you can sign up to try Polymail with your team free for 14 days.

Of course, this is just the start, and we look forward to sharing updates on new features and integrations soon. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or requests, I'd love to hear them - shoot me an email at shin@polymail.io.


Brandon Foo

CEO, Polymail

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