Announcing Salesforce Integration!

Brandon Foo

Our mission at Polymail is to make the world more successful through communication and collaboration. Today, we're excited to share that our latest release brings a huge update to streamline your team's sales activity with Polymail - Salesforce Integration! Here's how Salesforce Integration transforms Polymail into a powerful team sales platform:

Salesforce Sync

Automatically log emails to the relevant Salesforce Leads or Contacts, making it effortless to track your team's sales activity without any manual data entry.

Create new Leads or Contacts

Instantly create a Lead or Contact in Salesforce from any email address with just one click.

Surface Salesforce info in the sidebar

Automatically surface relevant Salesforce data while viewing conversations so you never have to search your CRM again.

Update Salesforce records from Polymail

Stay on top of your sales activity by seamlessly logging info to Salesforce and converting Leads without ever leaving Polymail.

Salesforce Integration is available on Polymail Enterprise, which starts at $49/mo per user. If you're interested in trying Salesforce Integration or would like custom pricing for your team, you can contact sales and we'll be in touch shortly.

Not using Salesforce? We're working on new integrations that let Polymail work seamlessly with the rest of your business - let us know what you'd like to see next!

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